Student Spotlight: Q&A with Brian Prester

Brian Prester was working as a flight instructor in pursuit of a career as an airline pilot when health issues forced him to re-evaluate his life and career goals. In doing so, he realized the call to social work. Brian decided to pursue a graduate degree in social work to gain the knowledge and skills necessary not only to become a helping professional, but also to become an effective social change agent.

Interested in a Job in Forensic Social Work?

Are you interested in becoming a forensic social worker? You can position yourself to enter the field by applying social work practice principals within the context of the legal system. Learn more... 

Faculty Voices: Michelle Putnam on Social Service and Aging Populations

We sat down with Simmons School of Social Work professor Michele Putnam to discuss her experience in social work involving older adult and geriatric populations. The following is her full interview. 

Faculty Voices: An Interview with Kristie Thomas

We sat down with Simmons School of Social Work professor Kristie Thomas, PhD, MSW to discuss her work in the domestic violence space, her research, and her professional experiences. The following is a full transcript of our conversation.

Student Spotlight: Q&A with Marian Arceo

A student spotlight featuring MSW student Marian Arceo.

We Can Choose To Be #MoreThanALabel

Elianne Ramos is the principal and CEO of Speak Hispanic Communications and founder of the Border Kids Relief Project. Known online as @ERGeekGoddess, she is an award-winning, nationally recognized social entrepreneur and Latino community advocate.