Health and Aging

In this specialization, students interested in careers as medical or geriatric social workers can choose to focus on health or aging or complete a dual specialization in health and aging.


Designed for students interested in careers as medical social workers, this specialization prepares students to help individuals and families affected by illness, disability, or age-related challenges. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, students develop the knowledge of large-systems interventions and advanced clinical skills required to work with clients, families, and fellow professionals in a wide range of health care settings through coursework and their field placements.


With the population of adults aged 65 and older increasing dramatically over the next decade, geriatric social workers will be in demand in a wide range of settings — from senior community centers to hospice facilities. This specialization provides students with the systems knowledge and advanced clinical skills required to work effectively within those settings to improve the well-being of older adults, their caregivers, and their families. Coursework examines the full range of physical and mental health, long-term care, and family issues affecting older adults, while field placements provide first-hand experience working with this growing population.

Students further their skills and interests by making disciplined and focused choices about their advanced clinical courses.

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