Academics Overview

Our clinically focused online Master of Social Work (MSW) curriculum emphasizes social justice values and multicultural perspectives, preparing you for direct practice in a range of clinical settings.

You will begin the program with foundation courses, covering topics such as racism and oppression, human behavior, and assessment and diagnosis. Once you’ve completed your foundation courses, you will proceed to the advanced curriculum. Additionally, you will have the option to choose a specialized course of study — enabling you to deepen your knowledge about specific populations or social issues that interest you most.

To earn your degree, you will complete live, online classes, engaging coursework, and field placements at clinical sites in or near your community. We offer accelerated, full-time, and extended (part-time) program tracks so you can earn your degree at the pace that best fits your lifestyle.

graduate-level credits

field education placement sites

hours of field education

As few as 15 months to complete

Specialized Courses of Study

You may choose one of five specialized courses of study that provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in an area of practice you are passionate about. Your options include the following four focused areas of study:

  • Child and Family
  • Trauma and Interpersonal Violence
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Health and Aging

You can also choose the Individualized Course of Study, which allows you to customize your advanced clinical curriculum based on your interests and career goals.

Learn more about the specialized courses of study.

Field Education

Simmons’ clinically focused online MSW program enables you to complete coursework online while participating in agency-based, in-person field education so you can apply and refine the skills you’re learning in the online classroom.

Field education is the cornerstone of the MSW program at Simmons, and our field placement team will work closely with you to find clinical placements near your area that complement your career goals. You will complete 1,120 hours applying the skills you’ve learned online in two supervised, real-world settings. As you complete your internships, you will discuss your experiences in classes to further enhance your skills and understanding.

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